Black Park Parkrun Review

Last month some of the bootcampers and I took part in our first park run as a group to test ourselves and above all have some fun! Being my first time doing the run I didn’t have any expectations on myself. Nor was I worried about not being one of the best runners out there.

Personally I considered myself a beginner to the whole thing. Being a newcomer and all, and though I have done long distance runs in winter training with my athletics group I have never gone out of my way to do a 5k run!

After the initial part of realising you are doing such a thing you quickly realize that the thought of the run is the worst part about it. Personally I had a great time and not once did I notice a sense of intimidation from anyone taking part. The complete opposite in fact. What I sensed from the environment was that of encouragement and positivity. Don’t get me wrong, there were people who were extremely serious about performing a good run and beating their best time, but that’s just it, THEIR time, they were focused on bettering themselves more than anything and they didn’t spill a sense of smugness about it what so ever.

I say this as most people who wish to take part but change their minds because they are afraid of feeling like the bottom of the pile when the  actual fact is there really is no pile to begin with. Every one takes part at a different physical and mental level than the next, there should be no shame in seeing your time compared to someone else’s, as you don’t know what they’ve done or how hard they may have worked to even get to that stage.

The park run that we attended was the ‘black park’ by Slough. A very huge place so I was lost in the scenery a bit. A fantastic venue for those who wish to find seclusion from the busy world and want to clear there heads within a natural environment.

Overall I strongly recommend park runs and encourage all of my bootcampers to take part. Our next attendance as a group will be on the 17th of September. Hope to see you there aswell!

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